Community Wide Naturalized Playground Project

We’re on a mission to reconnect the children of Niagara to nature!

After a very successful pilot, in 2016 the ECCDC partnered again with Bienenstock Design and Consulting on an innovative initiative to change the landscape of Niagara for decades to come. This continued partnership was made possible through funding provided by Niagara Region Children’s Services and allowed the opportunity for 22 local licensed child care centres to receive one time funding, valued at approximately $10,000.00, towards a topographic survey; design and installation plan; training; and an outdoor loose parts kit, all designed to help support child care centres with gaining valuable knowledge and tools to help transform their traditional playground into a naturalized one.

This community-wide project was officially launched at the grand opening of the first pilot site’s naturalized playground at ACW Child Care ‐ Woodlawn in the Spring of 2016.

Selection Process & Site Visits
Builds & Launches of Community Wide Project Playgrounds

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