Beyond the Classroom – Integrating Outdoor Learning into Practice, with Juliet Robertson

Morning Workshop: Keynote with Juliet Robertson, Author of Dirty Teaching and Messy Maths
Join Scotland’s leading educational consultant who specializes in outdoor play and learning for this motivating keynote presentation. One of the keys to a happy and creative classroom is getting out of it and Juliet will share a variety of ideas to encourage you to integrate outdoor learning into your everyday practice. Juliet will explain why learning outdoors is so beneficial for children and will encourage conversation, sharing and reflection related to a range of engaging outdoor experiences. Juliet will share some of her experiences in supporting children with caring for the environment, investigative play, nature pedagogy, urban outdoor activities and forest school possibilities.

Afternoon Workshop: Outdoor Loose Parts Play with ECCDC Training Consultant and Playworker Ginette Wilson
Using loose parts has become part of educators’ everyday practice indoors. However, there are so many opportunities to utilize loose parts outdoors as well. This session will explore how we can consider the philosophies of loose parts and apply them in the outdoor environment. Participants will take a more in-depth look at the underpinning philosophy and benefits of using loose parts in the outdoors and will investigate the potential of utilizing a variety of diverse loose parts as part of everyday outdoor play. Educators will have an opportunity to mess about outdoors exploring innovative loose parts.

What Participants Had to Say:

“Juliet was amazing. The workshop was powerful and very informative.”
“I liked how the content can be applied to all different age groups.”
“I will use every opportunity to teach through nature and loose parts.”
“I gained more ideas about how to better utilize loose parts outdoors.”