Creating Outdoor Play Environments for the Soul, with Rusty Keeler

With internationally renowned Playscape Designer Rusty Keeler!

Morning Workshop – Adventure Play and Natural Playscapes: 10 Ways to Bring Nature and Safe Risk Back to the Lives of Children
Participants enjoyed an engaging session exploring the movement to reconnect children through play and natural play spaces. Educators explored strategies for creating amazing, low-cost, nature-rich play environments that inspire children’s imagination and discovery. This workshop provided opportunities to preview forest schools, natural playscapes, and adventure playgrounds that say “Yes!” to children’s play and find ways to bring in loose play materials, let kids climb trees, dig in the mud, construct their own worlds and more.

Afternoon Workshop –  Educators zipped up their jackets as Rusty brought the workshop outdoors to explore a variety of natural loose parts. Throughout the day Rusty shared exciting photos, videos and stories that inspired participants to transform their own outdoor spaces with the motto: “Dream Big, Start Small, and Never Stop!”

Pre-event Loose Parts Session with Rusty Keeler!

Two representatives of each of the 26 Naturalized Playground sites were invited to attend a very special interactive session with Rusty Keeler on Friday April 6, focussing on the Loose Parts Kit that each program received as part of the Naturalized Playground Initiative. Rusty offered further extension ideas and suggestions for utilizing them in unique and exciting ways!


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