Fort and Den Building

Do you remember the great pleasure of building forts when you were a child? At this session, we rekindled those childhood memories and the pleasures of fort building.

This hands-on, practical workshop looked at the importance and benefits to children of building forts (and dens) and how this supports Ontario’s Early Learning Frameworks. Participants considered a range of fort building strategies that may be used both indoors and outdoors in early learning and child care environments. The considerations, materials, and tools required to construct forts outdoors and how to adapt the principles to indoor environments were discussed.

There was opportunity to build a ‘Cane Den’ that may be used in both indoor and outdoor environments, followed by a practical exploration of how the concept of a ‘Cane Den’ can be developed and used within early learning and child care environments.

What Participants Had to Say

“I will soon be cutting some willow branches and bringing in other natural materials to make a fort outside with the children.”
“I have learned how this amazing activity of fort or den building can expand all areas of the children’s development.”

Photo Gallery