Garden Eating, Food and Harvesting, with Garden Jane

Session one of the New Fostering Lifetime Gardeners and Naturalists Workshop Series!
How can we foster children to become lifetime gardeners and naturalists? We know we want to help children connect to nature, and gardening with kids would be great, but let’s get real with where we are and what we can do to achieve these lofty goals!

In this first session of the series, participants learned more about:

  • Harvesting with kids – which plant parts to eat, tastes to try, playing with food
  • Ways to engage kids with every bite – How to make Wild Bites salads, Leaf Burritos + why kids love them
  • Menu planning from from the garden
  • Making pickles with toddlers and pre-schoolers
  • Developing taste buds and a connection to a variety of healthy foods – at any age!
  • Helping kids be safe in a partially edible garden setting (what they can eat and what they can’t)

What Participants Had to Say:

“I enjoyed learning ways to incorporate gardening into the early years.”

“I look forward to implementing what I learned today at my house and at the daycare.”

“I look forward to getting the children more involved with nature and growing gardens.”