Using Recycled Tires Within Your Outdoor Early Learning Environment

Have you ever wondered what happens to tires once they have reached the end of their life? Well, 25% end up in a land-fill site. Participants learned ways to lessen the environmental impact of used tires and practical, hands-on activities with the ECCDC’s Early Learning and Child Care Program Consultant Ginette Wilson. This session took place outdoors and educators discovered the many uses for used tires within early learning and child care settings. Educators gained a range of strategies to utilize tires in their outdoor environments that will support children’s discoveries. Participants had opportunities to Mess About with used tires and took them home at the end of the session for their own outdoor early learning environments.

What Participants Had to Say

“We will be able to use the tires for the toddlers to crawl under and between and for many gross motor skills.”
“I received many terrific ideas that I look forward to implementing immediately with the children.”

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